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Enhanced 2D Cartography

3D laser scan point clouds are commonly used within the Greenhatch Group workflow patterns to enhance and improve the cartographical data represented in a 2D form as produced in AutoCAD. High resolution 3D point clouds can be selectively and orthogonally sliced using our AutoCAD plugin software “Cloudworx” to provide high quality, fully scaled 2D survey data that is then suitably digitised to provide AutoCAD drawings with exceptional levels of drawn detail. This functionality is especially useful for the enhancement of topographical drawings, whereby traditional surveying techniques using a total station and detail pole are combined with the use of a contemporary phased based laser scanner and registration targets to provide high definition cartographical detail in conjunction with physically observed level and string line data.


Byland Abbey, Yorkshire: Stone by stone drawing of gate house arch for archival use.

Elvaston Castle, Derbyshire: Intricate representation of gate ironwork for use in restoration

Bearsden Roman Baths: Enhanced topographical survey drawings for archival use.

Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire: Enhanced topographical drawings for archive and flood risk asessment