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Hardware Technology Used

The Greenhatch Group have been utilising laser scanning technology since the first commercial availability of the original Cyrax Laser Scanning system in the early 2000’s. Our experience in this sector has been established by the use of each new piece of technology as time has progressed. We now have over seven years of expertise in the fields of terrestrial laser scanning applications and have utilised and combined all the different laser scanning technologies within the Greenhatch Group to enable specific products to be provided.

The information below highlights the wealth of experience we have gained over the years and also the technology and procedures adapted over time.

Pulse Based Laser Scanners


Phase Based Laser Scanners


High Resolution Imagery Capture


Laser Scan Field Targets


Cyrax 2500 Laser Scanner

The Greenhatch Group took possession of one of the first commercially available Cyrax 2500 scan systems over 7 years ago and our experience gained with this early system has been invaluable in developing the practice procedures and methodology used with more modern technology.
The Cyrax 2500 had a scan rate of 1,000 pts/sec and used a static field of view method of data capture via pulsed laser technology.

Leica HDS 3000 / Scanstation

Our Cyrax system was replaced by the Leica HDS 3000 in 2005 and with the availability of 360 degree globe scanning, provided increased potential for its use on difficult and demanding survey projects. The system was upgraded in 2007 to take advantage of the dual axis compensator and increased data capture rates, thus improving precision and efficiency of our site data capture. The HDS 3000 had a scan rate of 2,000 pts/sec increased to 4,000 pts/sec by the Scanstation, both with 360 degree globe fields of view.

Leica HDS 8800 Laser Scanner

Due to its exceptional long range capabilities, the Leica 8800 system has been utilised on a number of recent projects where its 2000m range can be taken advantage of. Using established GPS coordinates as a means of registration has allowed sub 20mm accuracy point clouds to be utilised within environments such as quarries, landfill sites and most recently the mapping of inaccessible topography to Dunbarton Castle in Scotland.
The Leica 8800 has a scan rate of 8,800 pts/sec and is one of the most ground breaking long range laser scanners available on the market.

Leica HDS C10 Laser Scanner

The Leica C10 has now superseded the Scanstation pulse laser system and the Greenhatch Group now hires this product in for specialised projects where its high inherent accuracy and the 300m range can be utilised to enhance our range of services. Typical projects include rights of light studies and more recently the prestigious Stonehenge landscape, where its range and quality data capture were utilised to great effect.
The Leica C10 has a scan rate of 50,000 pts/sec and is one of the first systems to utilise an internal hard drive memory together with on board field target selection and registration system.

Z+F 5006i / Leica HDS 6000 Laser Scanners

Purchased in 2008, the HDS 6000 phased based laser scanner with its internal hard drive and high speed capture rate has transformed the way in which the Greenhatch Group undertakes historical or highly technical survey work. The phased scanning system allows high data capture rates and efficient site processes to be undertaken with the confidence that the data captured is of an exceptional quality. This system has now been used on numerous prestigious, historical projects over the last 5 years and has helped Greenhatch become an established provider for English Heritage.
This phased based system typically records data at 500,000 pts/sec.

Z+F 5010i / Leica HDS 7000 Laser Scanners

The cutting edge Z+F 5010i was launched in early 2011 and the Greenhatch Group are proud to be the first survey firm in the U.K able to utilise this technology on the of Stonehenge laser scan project. The availability to multi select capture scenes and also increase the capture quality rate, enabled this system to be used with great success to record individual stone faces at Stonehenge to 0.5mm high resolution detail.
This Class 1, phase laser scanner can record data at 1,000,000 pts/sec with adjustable data quality capture and an extended range of 190m.

Manfrotto 360 Degree Bracket and Canon EOS 5D SLR Camera

Used in conjunction with a high quality digital SLR camera and fisheye lens, the 360 degree manfrotto bracket has been utilised by Greenhatch for the last 3 years to enable point clouds to be colourised, using a common collimation centre point for the suitable calibration of data.
This procedure is also utilised to provide high resolution 360 degree panorama photographic images.

Z+F M-Cam (motorised camera) System

To enable a fully automated and calibrated point cloud colourisation procedure, the Greenhatch Group has utilised the Z+F M-Cam system of high resolution imagery capture on the prestigious Stonehenge project, with outstanding results. The system enables 360 degree photographic images to be calibrated to each scan position by the use of Z+F software, with the end result being fully colourised. high definition point cloud data.

Z+F Phased based professional field target

Designed for phased based laser scanning systems, this black and white target system is utilised by the Greenhatch Group to ensure all 3d point clouds are accurately and comprehensively registered together, in line with a minimum 4 target recording strategy advised by English Heritage.
Each target is co-ordinated separately in the field, by a total station.

Leica Pulse based long range field target

This target system is designed for specific use with pulse based laser technology and is utilised by scanning systems such as the Leica C10 whereby each filed target can be observed with high accuracy even at distances of up to 300m. This target registration system was utilised successfully on the Stonehenge project, with each target again being co-ordinated separately in the field by total station.