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The Greenhatch Group utilises the very latest surveying technologies across the range of varied services that can be provided, allowing us to establish highly efficient workflows whilst at the same time providing exceptional quality and highly accurate data for the clients use.

By utilising the vast range of recourse technology available within the Group, we are able to provide a service on large scale or technically demanding projects that encompasses all of our survey equipment, allowing us to always ensure the highest quality product is provided.

Please see listed below information on the varied range of technical survey equipment available to be utilised on projects provided by the Greenhatch Group:

Smart Pole

Leica DNA 03 Level
Amberg trolley
Leica HDS 6200
Leica C10
Leica HDS 8800
Z&F 5010

Leica RX1250 GPS Smart Pole’s

The Greenhatch Group utilise the latest GPS & TPS Smart Pole technology to ensure high levels of accuracy and efficiency are maintained.The Leica Smart Pole is a GPS1200 RTK rover that also fully controls a fully remote TPS1200 total station. The Smart Pole can switch from RTK measurements to total station measurements depending on the area and the points to be measured. By utilising the RX1250 control unit, the surveyor can acquire observations and string line data in the same manner as the total station interface thus allowing total one man robotic, semi-robotic and GPs work flows to be undertaken in a highly efficient manner.

Leica DNA03 Precise Digital Level

The DNA03 digital level is utilised within the Greenhatch group to ensure the highest standards of engineering excellence are maintained. The DNA03 utilises a revolutionary electronic barcode methodology of level computation which eliminates user recording errors and provides a highly efficient workflow resulting in outstanding levels of precision and accuracy. This technology is invaluable for use on hard levelling engineering projects and is utilised within all closed loop traverse methodologies.

Leica TCRP 1201+ R1000’s

The Leica TCRP 1200+ series of Total Station is the solid basis behind which all surveying processes within the Greenhatch Group begin. The TCRP1200+ has an extended reflectorless range of 1000m and allows smart integration of both GPS and also TPS one man operation, robotic detail pole workflows.
We utilise over 20 of these high performance, technically advanced total stations within the different disciplines and offices of the Group and there exceptional quality and flexibility allows us to provide outstanding levels of accuracy and efficiency when integrated with other resources as listed below.

Amberg GRP5000 Rail Trolley

The Amberg GRP5000 rail trolley is utilised with the Greenhatch Group to provide highly accurate measurements for track geometry and tunnel profiles. It can be combined with either Total Station TPS technology or HDS laser scanner technology to provide highly accurate & efficient workflows within the demanding rail work environment.

Leica HDS 6200 Phased Based Laser Scanner

The Leica HDS 6200 phased based laser scanner is used comprehensively within all disciplines of the Greenhatch Group to provide outstanding levels of data coverage. We have devised a highly accurate and efficient methodology workflow with this scanner which enables us to utilise the technology on projects where exceptional levels of quality are required in cartographical form.The HDS 6200 is utilised within the 3D Scanning discipline of the Group to provide both high quality 2D cartographical drawings and also 3D meshed model data for prestigious clients such as English Heritage and Historic Scotland.

Leica C10 Pulse Based Laser Scanner

The Leica C10 pulsed based laser scanner is utilised on projects within the Greenhatch Group where its high inherent accuracy and 300m range can be taken advantage of.
Typical projects include rights of light studies, detailed elevation street scene facades and more recently the prestigious Stonehenge landscape, where its range and quality data capture were utilised to provide outstanding results.

Leica HDS 8800 Long Range Pulse Based Laser Scanner

The Leica HDS 8800 has been utilised on a number of projects where its 2000m range can be taken advantage in difficult or dangerous working enviroments. Using established GPS coordinates as a means of registration, sub 20mm accuracy 3D point clouds are utilised within environments such as quarries & landfill sites to enable highly efficient and accurate 3D DTM surface models to be created. This technology has also recently been combined with other resources on historic sites where enhanced surface information can be provided in demanding topographical environments.

Z+F Imager 5010 High Definition Phased Based Laser Scanner

The Zoller + Fröhlich Imager 5010 has been purchased by the Greenhatch Group following its successful use on the Stonehenge laser scan project. This high definition, phased based laser scanner utilises the very latest scanning technology available, recording point cloud data at speeds of up to 1 million points a second whilst still maintaining an accuracy in excess of 1 mm and an extended range of over 180m.
The Imager 5010 is used in conjunction with the Z+F M-Cam solution on our current archive and recording strategy for a series of sites owned by Historic Scotland.